Anyone may submit a journal entry to this site at These are the things to bear in mind if you do:

1.Write about a particular day, give your journal entry a date (the day you’ve written about, not the day you submit). Give it a place.

It’s also OK to write about two days at once – sometimes it takes a night’s sleep to complete a thought.

As our suspension extends into weeks and months, we are also open to the occasional entry that paints a portrait of a week or slightly longer, but one day at a time is still preferred.

2. Just tell us what your day was like in your context — and what you did and observed and thought about. Do let other people and things into your accounts but give them space and try to refrain from advice, performative blessing-counting, preaching or activism here.

3. Send as a word document or in the body of an email. Try not to exceed 1000 words in any account sent. As the number of entries grows, be aware that in terms of being accepted on the site, long entries have it tougher.

Send any high resolution photographs you have to go with your entry. This is not essential, not all entries are published with images, but good images are sought!

4. We will try to publish as much as possible of what is sent that follows these guidelines, but be aware that with a recent exponential increase in entries we are having to select more actively.

5. Simply written, thoughtful entries are the ones we like best and will almost always win over self-consciously literary efforts. We will not publish entries we judge too self-involved or offensive or that we cannot for some other reason bear to inflict it on other people. You realise this will never be based on objective criteria but always a matter of taste – we apologise if we weren’t the right place to publish your day, but we do appreciate your having lived it.

6. We are open to photographic submissions provided they are singular still images. We suggest photographs of the streets you can access or the view from your window (it doesn’t have to be pretty) or a still-life within your current living space. Please avoid pictures of adults unless they’re distant/unrecogniseable and of children altogether. Please know too that your photographs are being tried out by a literary editor and not someone with any photographic acumen – so what makes the cut may be unorthodox.

7. We are also open to drawings (photographs or other digital images of the same. The same caveats about selection apply and additionally the more you can do to fit your image to a standard aspect ratio the more likely you are to be happy with the way it appears on the site.

8. Your account or photograph will be published in your name. Include a very short bio for yourself – up to 100 words. We don’t intend to use these initially but it will be useful to have them if later it feels we should.

9. There is no barrier to who can join – from children old enough to have a sense of the occasion (but do be prepared for the same sort of editorial oversight as given to adults) to your elderly grandmother who has been through several wars.

10. This is a group effort, voluntary, open access. No money has been spent on it besides the registration of domain and no money is being made on it to pay anyone.

11. If any further opportunity for the material should arise it will only be used with full consent and agreement of participants and any available remuneration duly given. That possibility is too far off to think of.

Please – write in, join us, see where we end up together.