This site archives journal accounts of our days, wherever in the world, during the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

It was begun with a call entries in mid March 2020, or seemingly the point when many more of us in the world began to retreat from ordinary life as we knew it, the point when we stopped still and didn’t know what was coming.

By the time our call went out of course many people in the world had already seen so much more, beginning with those in Wuhan, later South Korea, Iran, Italy.  It went out just about the time that we read news stories about Italians who had found the wherewithal to sing at each other across balconies. 

It is that spirit we hope to capture in this site – of coming together when we can’t meet, of singing at each other from distant balconies, asserting our solidarity with each other from a distance of at least two metres away. Anyone may write in by submitting a journal entry for consideration at lockdownjournal@gmail.com.

The turnaround is quick and dirty – with little editing or oversight, though we do reserve the right to refuse pieces, especially those that seem overly self-involved or immediately offensive or in some other way we can’t bear to inflict on other people. You understand this will never be based on objective criteria but always a matter of taste – we apologise if we weren’t the right place to publish your day, but we do appreciate your having lived it. Still, this is not excercise in publishing but solidarity, we hope to publish much much more than we refuse. For more precise guidelines please visit our submissions page.

This site does not offer you a chronicle of its time – far from it. Even as we start, we are consicous that those with the liberty or the thought of writing a personal journal will represent to others a distant world of privilege and disconnection from the worst of this crisis. We are aware that even we may look back on ourselves as silly and spoilt in a few weeks time – that we will only later understand the story we told of ourselves. For that courage in particular we thank everyone who dared to come out on their balcony with us. We can only hope that through some solidarity we make a little headway in changing the way we see ourselves on earth.