3 August, Worcestershire, UK

By Rachel Smyth

Months down the line, the pandemic continues to bite. In the UK, it feels like it nibbled at us for weeks in the early stages then swallowed greedy mouthfuls as it took hold. Not fully content, it is now coming back for seconds.

Today, we found out that my husband is highly likely to lose his job. After four months of being furloughed, and a very real sense of uncertainty hanging over us, his company has decided they have no option but to reduce their workforce.

My husband’s post is one of those affected. He has been the sole earner for our family since our daughter was born just over three years ago. If he is unsuccessful in securing one of the remaining posts with his current company and is subsequently unable to find another job, then I may have to return to work earlier than we planned.

The fact this may become a reality makes my heart and mind race. I will lose another two years of looking after our daughter full-time. While being a stay-at-home Mum has without a doubt been my toughest “job” to date (the hours are shocking, the pay and breaks are non-existent and my boss is very demanding), it has also been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. If it comes to an end sooner than expected, I will be heartbroken.

I try to reassure my husband that we will be okay, that we have options if the worst happens and neither of us can get jobs. He feels the pressure of providing financially for our family. In turn, I feel the pressure of possibly no longer being able to provide our daughter with the same time, care and attention that she is so used to. Meanwhile, she has no idea of the uncertainty swirling around her. Her only concern is whether she can “…please have one more bounce on the trampoline…” before she has to go inside and get ready for bed.