100 Days

By the Editor

The first entry in this journal was written about 15 March 2020 – today 22 June 2020 is day 100. For many of us it is a day spent at least approximately unlocked as well as at least approximately uncertain.

As many of us return to working beyond our homes, as our governments talk of re-starting ‘the economy’, as we are overtaken by new and pressing matters in our politics and our personal lives, as case numbers fall and sometimes rise again, as changes bite, entries to this journal also slow. This is natural and we don’t resist it.

But we will keep the door open – for those who wish to reflect, read and write here through the coming year. For it is really now that we will begin to learn the detail of how this pandemic has and has not changed us and the way we live on Earth.

Please keep writing in, please keep reading and please keep bringing other people to this meeting place.