10 June, Katima Mulilo, Namibia

By Mimi Mwiya

Today I got the call letting me know my new passport was ready. My old one is full – well, on its last page, which is apparently as good as full. So even before lockdown measures, I was unable to travel, which was hard for me, because I love to travel. Of course it doesn’t really mean much that I have the new passport now seeing as I can’t go outside the country anyway, but after being without one for six months, I’m really excited to have a passport again. I am excited and relieved to know that when things are back to some kind of normal, I can travel when I want to. Until then, I’m going to try and see as much of Namibia as I can, it’s a beautiful country and one of the silver linings I’m picking from the pandemic is the chance to see more of it. Most of the lodges, either by the riverside or in places vast with wildlife, are running specials so this is a good time to travel the country cheaply.