20 March, London, UK

By Frankie MacKinnon, 11

Dear diary,

Today was the last day of school for a long time. In class, we relaxed and signed people’s shirts. Conan got everyone to sign his sock. Typical. At lunch, everyone played together in a giant game of family it (if you get tagged, you and the person who tagged you are it). Then, before we went home, the class shared memories.

It was so fun; sharing key moments in our past six years together. I told the story of how me and Elsie – my best friend – met. There were stories about disaster trips and crazy break times – it was like being thrown back in time. After that  –  and after a few photos – we left. 

I don’t know how long it will be until I see the people in my class again, but I know that however long it is, it will seem too long. It’s just too impossible to imagine – that today might have been the last day I will ever spend in year six. 

But hopefully not. Hopefully we can cure the coronavirus. But until then, I’m stuck in this maze. Not knowing what obstacles lie ahead and how long it will be until I find my way out.